WHERE'S OSAMA - National Initiative to find Osama bin Laden before November 2
George Bush needs your help
Time is running out to find Osama bin Laden before November 2.

Join the National Initiative to find Osama bin Laden before November 2
and help fulfill the presidential vow to capture Osama bin Laden "dead or alive."

How can I help find Osama?
Research has indicated that artificial intelligence and image recognition technologies are no match for a human being when it comes to the task of scanning photos for signs of human activity, particularly in high snowfall areas. However, the number of images to scan has overwhelmed the available manpower to scan them. Until now.

You will be connected to our satellite server and randomly assigned a small section of the Eastern border of Afghanistan, or other location where our latest intelligence has indicated that Osama bin Laden is hiding.

Identifying targets
Your mission is to visually identify possible targets. Any signs of humanity should be considered a viable target. Since our intelligence is never wrong, there is no chance whatsoever that you will identify a civilian target which could lead to the death of innocent civilians. Civilian casualities should not be your concern--there is an election at stake, and time is running out.

Requesting military action
If you identify a target on the satellite image, click on the satellite image, and a target image will appear. You may be given the option to request a variety of attacks. See the weapons systems page for more information on some of the weapons used in Afghanistan.

SEEKING OSAMA — U.S. soldier receiving directions from Afghan villager.

Blackhawk helicopter flies over Afghanistan.

SEEKING OSAMA — US Army soldier in Afghanistan searches with binoculars.

Photos Courtesy of U.S. Army